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Durable Kitchen Surfaces: Engineered Quartz Countertops

Many new homeowners when undergoing a kitchen remodel select a countertop based on looks alone. A material’s durability and necessary maintenance are also important factors to consider. If you are wondering what the most durable countertop surfaces are, DIY Network host Alison Victoria answered this question in the most recent HGTV Magazine. According to her,… Read More

Country Kitchen Design: Country Defined

YEE-HAW! A country kitchen design is a warm, welcoming style that brings the casual look to your home. The elements that you’d expect from a country kitchen are: A farm-house sink, painted cabinets, open shelving, feminine wallpaper, and an open plate rack. It is imperative that a county kitchen has an oversized country-style island. Pull… Read More

Powder Room Remodel: Impress Guests and Indulge

Unleash the Creative Side with a Powder Room Remodel Nothing makes guests feel beyond welcome than a stylish powder room. Bring out the creative side as you undergo a powder room remodel. A powder room is considered a half-bathroom, typically with just a toilet and sink. Don’t let a powder room be the afterthought when… Read More

Kitchen Layouts: Popular Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen Layout Blueprints Today’s kitchens have become the center of living for the whole house. When designing a kitchen, one of the very first considerations is the overall layout of the kitchen. The layout is a blueprint to how the kitchen will function. There are many different kitchen layouts; your lifestyle should determine the best… Read More

Kitchen Layouts: Essential Work Triangle

What is the Essential Work Triangle? An efficient kitchen layout centers on a good work triangle. An essential work triangle has one underlying goal that is built around efficiency. This has always been an important element of a kitchen’s design and functionality. Many kitchen designers point out the effective “work triangle” which keeps the three… Read More

Kitchen Islands: A Popular Elements in Kitchens

Things to Take Into Account with Kitchen Islands How do you figure out the right size for a kitchen island? Just take a few things into account when looking into adding an island and we’ll help you determine what’s important. It all depends on the size of your kitchen and how much of that space… Read More

Bath Remodel Ideas: Should You Go Vintage?

Looking for some new, unique bath remodel ideas? One trend that seems to be sweeping the nation (and Pinterest) is vintage bathroom features. What was once old, is now new – but with a modern twist. Vintage can be characterized by a specific style that occurred between the 1920s through the 1960s. The alluring appeal… Read More

Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden: Thriving in your Kitchen

Looking for Natural Pops of Color in the Kitchen? We love the idea of an indoor herb garden for the kitchen, fresh herbs at your fingertips! The ideal setting for an indoor herb garden is the kitchen, convenience at its best. Savory and piquant, herbs hold a special spot in the kitchen, providing that special… Read More

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

// April 14 2014 Kitchen Cabinet Organizers We’ve been serving Southwest Florida for 26 years and have helped over 16,000 residents remodel their homes. One thing we can’t stress enough is kitchen cabinet organization. Often the biggest challenge with kitchen cabinets is the ineffective use of space. Shelves are often spaced too far apart, leaving… Read More

Should You Stay or Go? What to Consider When Living in Your Home During a Remodel

If you’ve ever had your home remodeled or know someone who has, you know the amount of planning that goes into it all. If you’re about to welcome your local home remodeling contractor into your home for a big remodel project, you might be considering whether or not to stay in your home during this… Read More

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