Kitchen Decisions | Cabinets: Glass or Solid Front

Are you jumping into a kitchen cabinet remodel? Nowadays, kitchen cabinets come in an endless variety of styles. Through different colors, grains, and wood types, kitchen cabinets are now more versatile than ever. Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets for your remodel is an exciting task. With so many options and considerations, it’s important to pick that perfect kitchen cabinet for you. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet requires the perfect combination of style and functionality. You want cabinets that look nice, but you also want cabinets that will serve your needs for years to come.

We found an article in a recent issue of HGTV Magazine where they asked Professional, Jonathan Scott, his opinion on either choosing glass or solid front cabinets. According to HGTV readers, 65% chose solid cabinets, while only 35% chose glass cabinets.

Kitchen Decisions from the Professionals

Jonathan Scott, from Property Brothers, stated that: “Unless you’re an organizational neat freak, glass fronts are stressful. Everything’s on display, so nothing can be messy. My motto: There’s no shame in hiding kitchen clutter—or a secret stash of chocolate—behind closed cabinet doors.”

We agree with Jonathan Scott, glass fronts on cabinets are not for everyone. Not everyone can keep cabinets perfectly organized. If you decide on glass fronts for your kitchen cabinets make sure the contents match the décor of your kitchen–we salute those that choose that style.

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