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Guest Bathroom | How to Add Comfort

A guest bathroom is supposed to be an inviting space, which will make your guests feel right at home. A guest bathroom is the one room that your guests will frequent often. Indulge your guests with thoughtful details and a stylish décor. If you’re getting ready to revamp your guest bathroom, make sure to consider… Read More

Bathroom Tile | Slate Bathroom Tile

Slate Bathroom Tile: Interested in slate tile for your bathroom? Slate tile is quickly becoming a preferred surface option for bathrooms. Slate tile can make a significant impact on your bath’s style and function. Slate is very porous; you will have to seal it regularly and properly so you wont have problems in the future…. Read More

Bathroom Flooring | Powder Room Friendly

You don’t hear of carpet in the bathroom very often, do you? Personally, we haven’t had very many clients choose carpet in their powder room either. We came across an article on HGTV, that actually had carpet flooring as an option! Here is what that article stated: “Many people think that carpet isn’t a reasonable… Read More

Kitchen Lighting | Light Up Your Space

Kitchen Lighting for Your Space Are you deciding on lighting fixtures’ for your kitchen? Lighting your kitchen doesn’t need to be a complex matter, keep it simple. Don’t underestimate the power of lighting; having an effective lighting system in your kitchen is important and beneficial. The most common mistake we tend to see when we… Read More

Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom | Bathroom Toilets

When selecting a bathroom toilet, do you go off looks alone? According to a recent article from HGTV, there is more to think about other than looks. When it comes to choosing a bathroom toilet, size, height and how well it functions overall should play into your decision. With all the modern designed toilets out… Read More

Rain Shower Heads | Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida

Everyone wants that spa oasis in his or her bathroom right? I mean who wouldn’t want to feel like they are showering in a direct stream of rain. A rain shower head will transform a boring bathroom into a luxurious spa oasis. There are so many rain shower head styles and finishes that you can… Read More

Bathroom Tile | Glass Bathroom Tile

Glass Bathroom Tile: The perfect tile can influence the look of any space, especially glass tile. Glass tile is a very attractive tile that adds not only elegance, but also a unique visual aesthetic. Glass tiles are a great way to add color to a bathroom. You can find just about every color of the… Read More

Bathroom Tile | Marble Bathroom Tile

A beautiful bathroom tile design can transform any space; the problem is narrowing in on that perfect style. Marble is beautiful, classy, and stylish. “Did you know marble is a metamorphic rock that’s been used for thousands of years? Each piece of marble is different—the variety in veining and coloring is often considered its best… Read More

Bathroom Tile | Mosaic Bathroom Tile

Every time a client brings up mosaic tile as a design option in their bathroom, I always think of magnificent hues that will enhance any space. There is something pleasant and refreshing about mosaic tile in a bathroom. Mosaic tile is a visually diverse tile, with a wide range of colors, materials and patterns to… Read More

Bathroom Tile | Porcelain Bathroom Tile

Every time porcelain comes up in design, it reminds me of a porcelain baby doll, high-value, fashion-forward, and very delicate. Yet, porcelain is not delicate, porcelain is a denser, more porous, and harder option that offers greater stain and water resistance than ceramic tile. An article that we recently read called “Reasons to Choose Porcelain… Read More

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