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Invisible Shower Door Shield | Benefits

A major priority in the bathroom is cleanliness, correct? Can you imagine having a shower door that you don’t have to clean 24/7! Let’s be real, not everyone squeegees the shower door as much as it is required. I’m sure many of you are wondering if the invisible shower door shield works as advertised. Make… Read More

Specialty Features For Bathrooms | Bidet

A bidet is more common in Europe, but considered a luxury here in the United States. I can remember back to when I first came across a bidet; to be honest I thought it was a place to wash your feet! There’s a lot of fear surrounding a bidet, considering it’s still a mystery. The… Read More

Kitchen Tile Grout Maintenance | Tips From A Toolman

Kitchen Tile Grout Maintenance: Is the grout in your kitchen cracked or wearing away? Fixing grout is an inexpensive home repair—the results can be transformational. If grout is not kept clean, it’s vulnerable to problems. Problems include: Mildew Mold Food Stains Dirt & Grime We stumbled across an article in the HGTV Magazine, where Chip… Read More

The Importance of Fixtures & Finishes in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Every kitchen and bathroom need fixtures, when it comes to selecting these necessary staples, choosing the finish can be a daunting task. When you’re shopping for your kitchen or bathroom fixtures and finishes stay focused on what’s right for the overall aesthetic or design. It’s also a good idea to get all fixtures and accessories… Read More

Bathroom Lighting Tips For The Home

Bathroom lighting is based on a combination of both function and style. Lighting in a bathroom is considered to be one of the most important rooms to light than any other room in the house. If you think about all the daily tasks that go on in the bathroom, from shaving, to applying makeup, to… Read More

Glass Tiles | For the Bathroom & Kitchen

Glass Tile: Glass tile can influence the look of any space; glass is a very attractive option that adds a unique visual aesthetic. Glass tile comes in just about every color, so you can add that pop of color to a space through glass tiles. We came across an article in the HGTV Magazine that… Read More

Smooth-Surface Electric Cooktops

Are you shopping around for a new kitchen range? The decisions never seem to end: Gas or electric? Traditional burners or a smooth surface? Your decision will ultimately affect the way you clean and cook with your kitchen range. We came across an article in the HGTV Magazine that we thought we would share with… Read More

Specialty Features For Bathrooms | Steam Showers

Steam showers may not be a need for everyone, but for some it’s considered an essential. Imagine having a rough, long day at the office and all you want is to come home and de-stress. Your legs are sore from standing all day, or from wearing heels, and anything to take the pain away will… Read More

Kitchen Cabinet Pulls | Good Finish Choice

Kitchen Cabinet Pulls: The Professionals Chime In One of the best parts of a remodel is when you get to apply the finishing touches—kitchen cabinet pulls. Kitchen cabinet pulls tie the entire kitchen space together, and can really change the tone and overall style. It’s the decorative elements that homeowners love the most! We came… Read More

Popular Bathroom Vanity Design Options | Endless Designs

Bathroom Vanity Design Options: Did you know one of the first things people change in a bathroom remodel is the bathroom vanity? It’s a non-invasive process; you come in and swap them right out. It’s crazy to think that one piece of furniture can impact an entire design of a space. We came across a… Read More

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