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Bathroom Vanity Design Options:

Did you know one of the first things people change in a bathroom remodel is the bathroom vanity? It’s a non-invasive process; you come in and swap them right out. It’s crazy to think that one piece of furniture can impact an entire design of a space. We came across a video on HGTV, which takes a look at some of the popular options in bathroom vanity styles.

  1. Furniture Piece Vanity-popular in the powder room
  2. Suspended Vanity-used in a traditional and ultra-contemporary setting.
  3. Open Style Vanity- Make sure to de-clutter, considering this piece is open.

The ranges of bathroom vanity designs are endless, so choosing the right design can be quite overwhelming. Considerations when choosing a vanity is typically based all on style versus efficiency and durability. Bathroom vanities take less of a beating than kitchen countertops; that’s why style outweighs efficiency and durability. Make sure you to look at maintenance requirements as well when looking at your options. Typically, the size of the bathroom dictates the size of the vanity. Get tips on choosing the right vanity for storage and style from HGTV, here.

Straightforward traditional, contemporary, and modern vanity designs are the most popular options we’ve seen. Make sure to explore your options for bathroom vanities, and get ready to add a popular vanity to your bath space!

Helping You with Your Bathroom Remodeling Needs:

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