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Go Green and Cut Your Kitchen Remodel Cost

Green remodeling does not have to be more challenging or expensive; you just need to know a few guidelines to cut your kitchen remodel cost while remaining environmentally friendly and energy efficient: Use any recycled materials including agricultural waste. Use materials that can be reused, recycled or reconditioned to minimize your future impact and kitchen… Read More

Energy-Efficient Lighting for Your Kitchen Remodel

Lighting should be an integral part of your energy-efficient kitchen remodel. The members of your household spend a fair amount of their time in the kitchen and the kitchen is often used for many different purposes, such as cooking, entertaining, and even crafting. Incorporating proper lighting in your kitchen remodel will not only improve the… Read More

Design Your Kitchen Remodel with Eco-friendly Materials

It may sound challenging to complete an eco-friendly kitchen remodel, but it can be done. has great tips on the best materials to use for each major part of your kitchen remodel. Cabinets The casework (box and drawers) of modern cabinets are often made of medium density fiberboard and particleboard. Both contain a toxic… Read More

Your Energy-Efficient Kitchen Remodel

According to the US Department of Energy, the majority of your home’s energy usage occurs in your kitchen and bathroom. Making your kitchen remodel energy-efficient is often a matter of educating yourself, choosing the right professionals to work with, and choosing the right products. recommends maximizing energy-efficiency in your kitchen remodel by considering the… Read More

Now is the Time for Your Kitchen Remodel

With the recent downturn of the economy and uncertain future, people have been reluctant to let go of their money for projects that are any less than essential to their well-being, like a kitchen remodel. Janice Butler wrote a great article for Consumer’s Voice about why the recent economic conditions have actually made this window… Read More

Working “The Working Triangle” into Your Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with your kitchen remodel design. Stick to the fundamentals. outlined what the National Kitchen and Bath Association deemed “The Work Triangle” which is a golden “suggestion” to help you with the core structure of your design plan. The goal is to make your kitchen remodel design… Read More

Learn How to Measure Your Kitchen

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel; Learn to Measure While it’s very important to trust the professional that’s planning and executing your kitchen remodel, it doesn’t hurt to understand how all of your estimates work. This will help you to have a grasp on the budget that your plans require. Measuring your kitchen may sound hard.… Read More

Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodel; the New 170-Year-Old Kitchen

Talk about thinking outside the box. Get inspired for your kitchen remodel by taking a look at this perfect example of mixing the old with the new that we found on HGTV Magazine. Anya and Michael Brunnick of Newburyport, MA were living in an 1845 Greek Revival home with some 1990s renovations and a cramped… Read More

Inspiration for Your Kitchen; Take the Restaurant Home

Who says you can’t take it with you when you go…home from the restaurant. We’d like to share the inspiration we found on HGTV Magazine. Kris O’Meara of West Bend, WI based her kitchen remodel off of a mixture of her favorite New York City French bistro, Balthazar, and a cozy, dimly lit restaurant in… Read More

Avoid These Kitchen Remodel Common Mistakes

Words of Kitchen Remodel Wisdom to Avoid Common Mistakes Stay on track! This list based on one by will help you stay focused and avoid some of the most common mistakes made during a kitchen remodel. Remember that your kitchen should coordinate with the rest of your house. If you’re in a country-style farmhouse,… Read More

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