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Where Does Natural Stone Fit in Your Kitchen Remodel?

Natural stone elements should be carefully selected for your kitchen remodel. Houzz did a great job at outlining the necessary questions to ask when choosing your natural stone. How thick does it need to be? Interior wall and floor tiles are usually â…œ inch thick. Countertop slabs usually range from 2 centimeters (¾ inch) to… Read More

Organization Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

If your kitchen remodel is limited to a small space, it is vital to have a plan for organization to eliminate clutter. Use these tips from Style at Home. Kitchen Organization Tips Take a day to clean out all of your cabinets and cupboards-donate any strange cans of something you will never use. Opt for… Read More

Your Minimalist Kitchen Remodel; Get Rid of Unnecessary Appliances

Your minimalist kitchen remodel should only be based on the essentials of your kitchen-the items that you use regularly. We found a great article on Build Direct about 8 things that you don’t NEED in your kitchen. When planning your kitchen remodel-it’s important to realize that items that you use once a month or less… Read More

Kitchen Backsplash Part II; Get Creative

Continuing with the inspiration we found on Houzz for how to choose the perfect kitchen backsplash, here is Part II; a more diverse array of materials for your kitchen backsplash allowing for all kinds of creative looks from industrial to traditional. Stainless Steel comes in flat sheets that can be glued or screwed directly to… Read More

Kitchen Backsplash Part I; Stone Lovers

Kitchen backsplashes are no longer purely functional. They are now used to make a statement in the kitchen and act as a cohesive element, helping to tie all elements of the kitchen together, or act as an accent. We found a great article on Houzz with tips from professionals on how to choose the perfect… Read More

9 Problems A Bathroom Remodel Can Solve

StyleatHome inspired us to come up with our own list of problems that are easily solved by a bathroom remodel. Life can change drastically and quickly. You might have kids, a disabled family member could move in, or you might have thought you’d be fine with a tiny powder-room when really your toiletries won’t fit… Read More

Glamor Bathroom Remodel

With the help of Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida, a luxurious and glamorous bathroom is right around the corner. Remember, “Glamorous” is not synonymous with “Tacky”. There are many different types of glamor-from old Hollywood to retro-chic. How to Get Glamorous: Go Big at Home When planning your bathroom remodel, start big and only scale… Read More

Minimalist Counters, Cabinets, and Hardware in Your Kitchen Remodel; Less is More Part III

Functionality and sustainability resonate throughout the modern kitchen. Following our first two blogs in the Less is More series, let’s now focus on the major parts of your kitchen remodel. CABINETRY As we mentioned earlier in this kitchen remodel series, the natural look is in. But when it comes to cabinets, we’re seeing a lot… Read More

Functional and Sustainable Elements for Your Kitchen Remodel; Less is More Part II

Continuing with our Less is More theme from our last post, let’s talk about some elements of your kitchen remodel that can be made more functional and environmentally responsible and what you may want to keep in mind. Where did it come from and what is it really? Keep sustainability in mind throughout the cycle… Read More

Functional Design for Your Kitchen Remodel; Less is More Part I

Functionality is key in this era of our day-to-day lives and trends in kitchen remodel styles are no longer an exception. We agree with Style at Home that less is more; and we’re not tolerating wasted space. We are finding the beauty in the more simple and efficient designs-even in our more traditional homes. This… Read More

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