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Keep Your Bathroom Remodel Fresh; Waterproof Your Bathroom!

No one likes to spend money on a bathroom remodel just to get into a shower a month later that is suddenly lined with black mold. Bathrooms are almost constantly wet. It’s vital to the longevity of your bathroom remodel to make sure that the water is not able to leak through walls causing damage… Read More

The Three-Quarter Bathroom Remodel

We’ve all either had or have heard of the half-bath…but what if your bathroom remodel requires something in between the half and the master bath? Maybe you have guests that stay overnight often or you just need a secondary bathroom at times. HGTV let us in on the Three-Quarter Bathroom-a bathroom focused on utility. Just… Read More

Large Kitchen Remodels; Details, Details…

We agree with HGTV that large, multipurpose kitchen remodels require a lot of attention to detail in order to correctly plan and install them. Here’s why: Larger kitchens have more nooks and crannies, and usually require more appliances to fuel whatever activities are bound to happen. A larger kitchen remodel is typically going to be… Read More

Your Kitchen Island Addition; Storage

Additional space is one of the greatest benefits of a kitchen island addition. Your island can feature both a public and a preparation side. The public side can utilize shallow cabinets that are installed back to back with deeper cabinets that are accessed on the preparation side to keep items like utensils, napkins, platters, and… Read More

Solve Multiple Problems with a Kitchen Island Addition

If your kitchen is lacking visual interest or usable space, a kitchen island addition could be the answer. We found a great guide to kitchen island bars on HGTV. With a variety of styles to choose from, a kitchen island addition is a great way to add counter and storage space to any size kitchen…. Read More

Your Kitchen Island Addition; Lighting and Ventilation

We found a great article on This Old House that included some points about lighting and ventilation that anyone considering a kitchen island addition should take note of. Since your kitchen island addition will be isolated, it is wise to plan some dedicated lighting for it rather than relying on ambient light, whether it will… Read More

Your Kitchen Island Addition; Dimensions

HGTV believes that the most important elements to consider for your kitchen island addition are space and placement. Whether you choose to build your island to fit your kitchen perfectly or a pre-designed portable bar, your kitchen island addition will require a decent amount of space. Traffic patterns should weigh into your decision as well…. Read More

13 Steps to Successful Kitchen Remodel

We loved HGTV’s list of 13 steps to address in order to get the most from your kitchen remodel. Scope it Out Will your new kitchen remodel fit in the space you have available? You may need to expand your kitchen or make structural changes. Get this clearly scoped out first, so that you are… Read More

Inspiration; Four More Kitchen Designs

Kitchens these days are doing double duty as we find ourselves gathering in them more than our family rooms to do the same activities we do in our offices and media centers. It is important that your kitchen design is a direct reflection of you. Get inspired with these four kitchen designs: Mediterranean or French… Read More

Inspiration; Four Kitchen Design Styles

Kitchens these days are central to both everyday living and entertaining for special occasions. That being said, your kitchen design should be a reflection of your own personal style. Country Farmhouse Country kitchens have an open, comfortable, and inviting feel to them. They look lived in, with many different materials and mixed finishes. Colors in… Read More

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