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More On Green Remodeling

When it comes to saving the planet, can we ever know enough? At Cornerstone Builders, we keep returning to the need to use green materials and techniques in our remodeling and renovation projects. Why is it so important? Well, apart from the helping our planet sustain itself, green remodeling allows us to correct existing housing… Read More

Is Laminate Flooring Just Linoleum?

When we are working with someone on a remodeling project for their kitchen or a renovation of their home and we suggest laminate flooring as a cost-effective alternative to hardwood, we are often asked the question: “Isn’t laminate flooring just linoleum?” The answer is a resounding “No”. Many of us grew up with that tacky… Read More

Home Safes: Protecting Your Valuables

When it comes to remodeling or renovating your home, it’s often the little things you might overlook in the grand plan. Often, the little things are the most important. One thing we often suggest to customers is the installation of a home safe. Whether you have precious jewelry, a rare coin collection or just important… Read More

Chandeliers: Not Just For Dining Anymore

If you are considering renovating or remodeling your home, you must plan to change the lighting to suit your new environment and, though recessed lights are the safe choice, they aren’t the only one. Maybe you love the chandelier in your mother’s dining room or the elegant one in your grandmother’s home. Well, you can… Read More

Adding A Skylight

“Let the sunshine in…” isn’t just part of the lyrics from the musical “Hair”– it’s good advice if you need to brighten up a dark interior bath or kitchen. Consider adding a skylight as part of your remodeling or renovation project. Skylights are a way to let the outdoors in and flood a space with… Read More

Adding A Handicap Ramp

When a loved one becomes wheelchair bound due to age or infirmity, his or her experience of the world changes dramatically. Too often the person feels imprisoned in his or her own home. It is as though their very freedom has been taken from them since the simple act of getting in and out of… Read More

10 Tips To Caring For Natural Stone

When you are remodeling your kitchen or renovating your bath, you may decide to finally get those natural stone countertops, flooring or walls you’ve always wanted. You’ve made a beautiful choice, but do you know how to care for your new natural stone? Here are 10 tips to ensure your natural stone stays as stunning… Read More

Seven Principles of Universal Design

When considering a kitchen remodeling project for your home, you may wish to consider incorporating the principles of Universal Design. If you think these principles need to be applied only if you have someone handicapped in your home, think again. Universal Design meets the needs of all people, with varied abilities. It considers people with… Read More

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