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Types of Fencing To Consider

If you are remodeling or renovating your home and want to add a bit of privacy, nothing is easier than adding some fencing. But fencing these days is not just either the picket fence of Mark Twain times nor that DIY white vinyl monstrosities you see hanging crookedly everywhere, like a bad set of false… Read More

Choosing The Right Gas Grill

You are planning to have Cornerstone Builders renovate your home by putting in a deck or even an outdoor kitchen and it has come time to decide on the type of grill to buy. It is not as easy a decision as buying a blender and it’s not even about price. You can buy a… Read More

What To Know About Pavers

When it comes to renovating or remodeling your property, nothing makes such a statement about the outside of your home than the use of pavers. From patios and pool decks to driveways, motorcourts, walkways and edging, pavers make your space look finished and elegant. Beautiful and durable, pavers come in a variety of materials, shapes,… Read More

Creating An Attic Bedroom

Need more space? Have you considered renovating your home to include an attic bedroom? If you have the room, remodeling an attic to create a spare room is a smart investment and may avoid lots of zoning and easement concerns that would come into play if you were adding on a traditional bedroom. According to… Read More

Adding A Motorcourt

Remodeling your home to include a motorcourt is one of the most dramatic ways to up the curb appeal, but it also can add much to your quality of life. Before considering such a renovation, lets clear up a misconception: A motorcourt is not the same as a driveway. Sure, it is a special area… Read More

Safe Rooms

In the famous Jodie Foster thriller, it was called a “panic room,” but hidden rooms, constructed for the safety of your family during a remodeling or renovation, are most often called “safe rooms”. These rooms are constructed to give you and your loved ones a place to hide during a home intrusion, burglary or even… Read More

Remodeling With Stained Glass

When it came to remodeling or new construction, in the Gilded Age, the Vanderbilts and Carnegies wouldn’t be caught dead designing one of their Newport “cottages” or New York mansions without the liberal use of stained glass. Designers like Louis Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright created masterpieces of the art and brought them into the… Read More

Custom Closets

Your remodeling project may not include an assembly line that, at the push of a button, displays hundreds of pairs of shoes, one at a time, like Celine Dion had built in her Florida home, but it might be nice to be able to hang winter and summer separately and easily find your neckties. If… Read More

Adding A Deck

Part of living in Paradise is the ability to enjoy the Great Outdoors at every opportunity, so for your next remodeling or renovation project, consider adding a deck. First you need to establish if your property has a good space to use to add a deck. Call Cornerstone Builders and we will be happy to… Read More

Vessel Sinks Bring Color To Your Bath

When it comes to remodeling your bath, nothing brings a sense of style like a vessel sink. Gone are the days of boring white porcelain. Now artistry takes the stage as vessel sinks come in every color, shape and style putting a little magic into your bathroom remodeling project. Vessel sinks bring both interest and… Read More

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