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Fixing Stains On Marble Part 2

You took the plunge and made the not insubstantial investment in adding marble to your renovation or remodeling project. In a previous blog, we discussed the proper care of your new marble, but what do you do in the event of a stain? Here is what you need to know if that beautiful marble, installed… Read More

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

If your remodeling or renovation project requires new flooring in one or more of your rooms, you might be considering whether to choose hardwood or laminate flooring. While no one would dispute the beauty of hardwood, if you are trying to keep your remodeling project within a tight budget or you just want a floor… Read More

Making A Small Bath Bigger

It’s renovation time and the first thing you want remodeling is that small bathroom. To finally feel like you are not in a box when you close the door is worth the investment to you and a good remodeling firm, like Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida, is here to help. Here’s some ways to make… Read More

Kitchen Remodeling: Pantries

If you are remodeling your kitchen, getting a new pantry may be one of the big reasons you undertook the renovation project. You need more space. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), space is the number #1 reason homeowners want to remodel their kitchen and if that describes you, you may be… Read More

Kitchens: The New Family Rooms

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it’s not just food preparation and serving you need to think about. In modern kitchen renovations, very often the kitchen is the gathering place of the home. So, when thinking of remodeling, why not combine the kitchen with a family room? Our great-grandmothers might have worked in a… Read More

Creating A Koi Pond

The next best thing to visiting Japan and taking in a shrine’s garden, with its sparkling pool full of bright orange koi, is having one built in your own backyard as part of a renovation. You may think remodeling your interior is a big enough project, but having your remodeling company create a koi pond… Read More

Considering a Backyard Fire Pit?

Staring into flames is not just a solitary pleasure anymore—now it is a group activity. We remodeling companies are being asked to design firepits with almost every outdoor renovation we do. Once relegated to camp and bonfires, gathering around a home fire pit is now something homeowners are clamoring to add to their outdoor landscape…. Read More

Caring for Marble Part 1

When it comes to renovating your home, look to history. There is a reason all the grand buildings of the ancient world were clad in marble. It was the most beautiful of stones and thus deemed worthy to honor the gods in temples and churches throughout history. When people decided to build their own sanctuaries—their… Read More

Adding An Indoor Fireplace

Many transplanted Southwest Floridians have memories of gathering around the fireplace from their childhood up North and would like to replicate that feeling by adding a fireplace as part of their remodeling or renovation project. With cooler nights soon to be upon us, we at Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida would like to give you… Read More

Adding A Conservatory

Isn’t it silly to consider a remodeling project where you add a conservatory to your home? Isn’t a renovation adding a sunroom redundant when we live in Paradise? The answer is “no”. While our weather here is often spectacular—windy and balmy—in the summertime, it can get very hot and humid or rain like a monsoon…. Read More

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