Lois Timberlake

Lois Timberlake
I have wanted to express my thanks to you for the manner in which you worked with me to remodel a bathroom. It became a bigger project that I had expected and would have been "lost" without your guidance and careful attention to the details. Thank you. I appreciated your understanding of my daughter's needs at that time as well.
The men who entered my condo and worked on the project were all courteous and I was happy to have in my home. Two of them were exceptional. I do not know the last names, but I am sure you will be able to supply them. Aaron was here most frequently and did all types of things.
He was always a pleasure to have in the condo, I encouraged him to play his music and let him do whatever needed to be done. When he and others brought the final piece, the mirror did not fit. He was not going to try to make it work, simply called Sean and they agreed it had to be resized.
When that was done, Sean came with a couple of nice men and did the actual installation. I was fascinated when they threw that black stuff on the wall and said, "This had better work."
Happy to say that it did. Aaron and Sean were reliable, professional and treated me with courtesy and were always smiling. Cornerstone is fortunate to have them.. . so was I.
It is my hope you will let others know my review of these men.
Thanks to the whole crew for a job well done.

Lois Timberlake - Fort Myers, FL


Lois Timberlake - Fort Myers, FL

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