Terri and Lou Becker

Terri and Lou Becker
I want to take a minute to pass on our experience with a kitchen counter-top job that was just completed.
About 6 weeks ago, we met with Ken at your office at 41 and Six Mile Cypress. Not really knowing what we wanted, he spent time with us, explaining all of our options, then went with us to your "warehouse" where all the quartz slabs were. We picked out what we wanted, signed the paperwork and scheduled the job. When we called Ken a week later to let him know we changed our mind about the quartz we picked out and decided we wanted something different, he said that was no problem and modified the original contract (maybe that was because the new quartz was more expensive; although I know that wasn't really why he was so understanding).
Yesterday, our day started at 7:00 when Chris Spears (the Project Lead) and his multi-person team arrived to start the removal of the old counter-tops. They laid out paper on the floor to ensure the floors were not damaged. They completed their job in less than 2 hours and even cleaned up whatever mess there was. Very quick, polite and professional.
When Chris's crew left, Eliecet Lopez (Tito) and Vincente Dorado arrived to install the quartz. While I couldn't believe there were only two people to do the work, they did a great job. They ran into a few minor issues, but were able to resolve them to our complete satisfaction. They were here for 11 hours, but there was a lot of work and we were glad they were able to finish in one day. Very polite and professional young men.
Today, we had Keith Hatcher (plumber) and Josh (the electrician) come to provide the electrical and plumbing hook-ups. Again, both gentlemen were very polite and professional. It was obvious they were very experienced in their respective areas.
It is easy to understand the success of Cornerstone when you employ professionals like the ones that showed up to do the work for us. Thank you.

Terri and Lou Becker - Ft. Myers, FL


Terri and Lou Becker - Ft. Myers, FL

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